Michelle’s Mission: “We help our client’s build wealth through real estate.” Michelle Thomas is a Real Estate Broker in Colorado specializing in Residential and Commercial Real Estate. Starting with their first home and then moving on to build a portfolio of investment property, her team’s mission to help her clients build wealth through real estate. This includes fix and flips, rentals, multifamily apartment buildings and other commercial property.  Michelle and her team of agents has helped many clients not only find their dream home, but also achieve financial freedom and build lasting legacy through real estate.  Michelle Thomas is a Real Estate advisor and works to be a priceless resource for her clients for life.

Your Real Estate Advisor

I am dedicated to helping you find the best investments and rates.

With a deep understanding of real estate marketing, she is an innovator when it comes to selling homes, multi-family properties, and other income-generating properties.  Ranging from just $40,000 condos to innovative million dollar luxury marketing campaigns to commercial marketing for apartment buildings, she achieves astonishing results through her strong network, email/text campaigns, video, social media, print ads and digital marketing.

Michelle earned her Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is a licensed Colorado real estate broker and an active real estate investor.  She works to connect buyers to sellers directly and has a sphere of investors that are one of the largest broker-owned lists in Colorado.  In addition, through her Power +1 education platform, she works with the best Real Estate Advisers throughout the country and advises clients in all 50 states. She lives with her husband, four children and a Goldendoodle in the Central Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado.


Michelle Thomas has several years’ experience marketing and selling homes in the urban Denver neighborhoods and the surrounding suburbs.

For Home Sellers, her team delivers superior knowledge of the area and market values, premium real estate marketing services to help sellers get top price for the sale of their homes.

For Homes Buyers, her expansive connections and fierce negotiation tactics, help her buyers get the best deal possible for their dream home!



The term commercial property refers to buildings or land intended to generate a profit, either from capital gain or rental income.


Unlike a traditional real estate agent, I provide clients with value-added services, including asset management, market analysis, and lease management.


I am dedicated to helping you find the best investments and rates. Whether you want to buy a single family home or an apartment compex, I help you succeed.

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With millions of dollars in transactions, my Commercial Division has been a proven member of the Denver's Real Estate community since 2010.   My expertise applies to all types of transactions, from purchases to sales to leasing.  I'm a specialist in multi-family, retail, office, land, industrial, and business real estate.    LEARN MORE...


● Investment Sale

● Retail Sales & Leasing

● Industrial Sales & Leasing

● Multi-Family & Mixed-Use Sales

● Office Leasing & Sales

● Ground Up Development

● Work on the your behalf in coordinating the transaction process

● Consultation Services

● Disposition Services



With unparalleled connections, I have built a dedicated reputation by taking a non-traditional approach, to a traditional business.  From day one, I've always looked for opportunities to network, learn and work harder than anyone.

I combine local expertise with institutional quality services to provide you with top tier residential property.  I pride myself on principal to principal business practices, enduring relationships and the ability to bring value to every transaction.  LEARN MORE...


● List homes for sale on the local, MLS, Multiple Listing Service

● Share the brokerage listings with other MLS broker members to get buyers to the property

● Share the listing commission with successful buyer brokers

● Supervises showing, report to you results and feedback

● Submits any offers to the you for consideration

● Help you negotiate offers to try and execute a purchase contract with a buyer

● Work on the your behalf in coordinating the transaction process

● Delivering and explain documents, disclosures and transaction items

● Work with you through the closing and your move-out from the home

● Help you locate all properties in your desired area in their price range and meeting your criteria

● Coordinating and helping you to visit and view properties

● Help you craft your initial offer and purchase agreement

● Work with you on your behalf in negotiations with the seller through their agent/broker

● Once a purchase contract is executed, coordinating the transaction process on your side

● Help you negotiate offers to try and execute a purchase contract with a buyer

● Delivers and explains documents in the transaction process

● Coordinated inspections, reports and repair negotiations

● Assisting you through the closing and taking possession

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